The Best Places to Propose in Paris

propose in paris

If you’re planning to pop the question during a visit to Paris, you have numerous fantastic locations to make your proposal memorable. In fact, the City of Love is one of the world’s most popular sites for destination proposals! Here are some of the best places to propose in Paris.

The Shangri-La Hotel Terrace

Those who seek a patio with a spectacular view of the Eiffel Tower, but don’t want to spend a night at the hotel are in luck. The Shangri-La Paris Hotel boasts a balcony with spectacular views. You can dine, drink, or simply soak in the scene on their spacious patios. This hotel was once the home of Napoleon’s grandnephew, so you can’t go wrong in this exquisite building and location.

The Peninsula Hotel

If you’re going all out, you can rent a room at the Paris Peninsula Hotel that has its own private rooftop patio. This top-notch suite offers the ultimate views of the Eiffel Tower and the Parisian sky. Enjoy this five star hotel, their spa, fine dining and more for the most wonderful trip to Paris.

propose in paris

Place Du Trocadero

The Place du Trocadero, located directly across from the Eiffel Tower, is normally crowded with tourists. However, if you arrive just as the sun rises, you will most likely be alone. Some think the view here of the Eiffel Tower is the best in the city because the Place du Trocadero is elevated and looks over the Seine. You can enjoy a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower framed by Palais de Chaillot. This is truly a unique location to propose in Paris, complete with gardens that offers a unique view of the infamous Tower .

Disneyland Paris

Let your partner experience a fantasy like a true Disney princess, transporting her to a kingdom far, far away. Disney Paris isn’t too far from downtown Paris; it’s only about 45 minutes outside of town. If you’re going all out, you can rent out the entire park for the two of you, but if you’re looking for a less costly proposal, you can pop the question near Cinderella’s castle. A true Disney fan would most definitely say yes!

A Private River Cruise

As evening draws over the city, imagine taking your significant other on your own cruise down the Seine. There are numerous companies that offer different types of cruises on the river, so even if you can’t afford a private cruise, you can still take a romantic trip and enjoy a memorable proposal.

louvre courtyard

The Louvre

Originally known as the Louvre Castle, the Louvre is now a world-famous museum that houses some of the most famous paintings in the world. The Louvre is a beautiful, historical landmark with thousands of paintings, works of art, archeological findings, drawings, and sculptures. The whole area around the museum is also stunning, due to its proximity to the Seine River, the Jardin des Tuileries, and the magnificent glass pyramids in the Louvre’s courtyard. You’re sure to have an exquisite moment here as one of the best places in Paris to propose.

Pont de Bir-Hakeim

This is a bridge that crosses the Seine and has some of the greatest views of the Eiffel Tower. The bridge has two levels, one for the metro and the lower level is for cars. There is a bike path and walkway in the middle of the bridge. This location has been made popular by films like Last Tango in Paris and Inception. This is also a great location to see the Statue of Liberty replica that’s nearby.

propose in paris, eiffel tower

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is the ideal Parisian emblem and a proposal here is as timeless as the city itself. Propose outside the tower on the grounds of the Champs de Mars or inside the restaurant, but make sure to reserve a seat ahead of time. Of course, you can always take the elevator to the top for a world-class view. Keep in mind that a proposal in or on the Eiffel Tower will not be very private so try a different location if you want privacy.

Paris is such a richly historic and architecturally stunning city (and let’s not forget their fantastic cuisine!) that you will have a fantastic time if you vacation, tour, or propose in Paris. Enjoy your adventure in one of the greatest cities in all of Europe!

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