Ten Traveler Gifts Under $35

As the holidays approach, shoppers everywhere are looking for that perfect, yet reasonably priced gift for the traveler in their lives. This year, I personally came up with a list of my favorite new travel items. I opted against the usual lists that contain the best cameras, headphones, speakers, etc. Too many of these items are personal decisions (not to mention expensive also!). These items are not only practical, but they can make travel easier and more comfortable. Here are my new favorite traveler gifts, all under $35!

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Hydroflask Bottles – 21 oz. bottle for $32.95

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This is an amazing water bottle. Not only does it keep cold drinks cold, but it will also act as a thermos for hot beverages. Each hydroflask has double-wall vacuum insulation which prevents condensation with cold liquids or a scalding hot bottle with hot liquids. It’s made from stainless steel, is BPA free, and is also resistant to bacteria and odors that can lurk on drinking surfaces. These vibrant and colorful bottles also have a unique powder coating on the surface which improves grip. There are different sizes and types of bottles for any occasion; choose from water bottles, beer bottles, coffee flasks, food flasks, and accessories. Although it has a good size opening to drink from, I purchased the straw lid ($9.95 extra) which makes it easier to drink from during workouts. You can find this bottle at hydroflask.com.


Anker PowerCore+ Mini Portable Charger – $14.99

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Traveling without a portable charger is akin to disaster for most travelers. A long day on the road or in the air can ultimately leave you with a dead phone and no means of communication or information.  I love the Anker portable chargers because they’re effective and small. The Anker PowerCore+ Mini is a lipstick-sized portable charger that can add more than a full charge to an iPhone 6s and almost a full charge to other smartphones. It’s a small and lightweight charger that every traveler needs! Find it at Amazon and click here to visit: Anker PowerCore+ mini, 3350mAh Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger (3rd Generation, Premium Aluminum Power Bank), One of the Most Compact External Batteries

Pack-It-Flat Toiletry Kit – $34.99

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Traveling with toiletries has always been a challenge for me. Bottles either roll around in my luggage, will leak, or take up too much space. Now, you can pack smarter with eBags’ Pack-It-Flat Toiletry Kit. Despite its size, I was amazed at how much I could fit into this kit. Divided into sections, this bag has a leakproof pocket, an expandable pocket, mesh pockets, and a removable hanging hook. It’s well designed to keep all of your toiletries in easy to find locations. It’s wonderful not to have to jam my toiletries into my suitcase anymore. Now I always have room! Find the Pack-It-Flat Toiletry Kit at eBags.com.

HooToo Wireless Travel Router – $19.99

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The HooToo Wireless Travel Router is a great addition to anyone’s travel bag – professional or family. For the professional, its best feature is acting as a gateway to hotel networks (WiFi or wired). Simply boot it up, connect your phone/tablet/computer to the SSID and then configure it. From that point on, you can share the network across all your devices. I leave this plugged in at hotel rooms and never have to worry about rejoining WiFi networks when I come and go. I’m always connected!

For a family that travels, the HooToo allows you to watch movies on the go. Simply plug a flash drive full of movies into the HooToo travel router, and connect your devices to it! If your child has a smaller capacity smart phone or tablet, this is a great way to bring all the entertainment with you without maxing out your phone or tablet’s storage. In addition, the HooToo has an internal battery, allowing it to run without power; the HooToo can also be used to charge another device. It’s the perfect multi-tool for media! Find the HooToo at Amazon! Click the link to shop: http://amzn.to/2jeYR7r

Buff – starting at $15


Especially great for adventurous spirits, a Buff is “multifunctional headwear.” It’s literally a piece of fabric that can be worn in many different ways on your head, for various weather conditions and uses. It changes into a cap, a hairband, a balaclava, bandana and more!  Buff has a number of cool designs, each in different fabrics for cold weather, warm weather, and everything in between. This headwear is also moisture-wicking, washable, and seam-free! This is a great piece to have, especially for backpacking. Find a Buff at REI and at their website, BuffUSA.com.

Squeeze Pod’s TSA Approved Clear Travel Toiletry Bag – $12.99

TSA approved clear bag


Because all travelers need to put their carry-on toiletries in clear bags, it’s time to invest in some nice plastic travel bags instead of using the same old Ziploc bags. Ebags comes through with these clear plastic bags that adheres to the TSA 3-1-1 rule. The bag is made from clear durable plastic and has a heavy duty zipper, providing you peace of mind while traveling with liquids. The bag is 7” wide x 6” high and has a wide bottom, allowing the bag to stand upright. Find more about these clear bags at ebags.com.


The Friendly Swede Sleeping Bag Liner – $18.99 

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With the resurgence of bed bugs, sleeping in hotels leaves me a little uneasy. Even though I check hotel beds and know that they’re clean, I still sometimes can’t shake that uncomfortable feeling. If you’re like me, invest in a sleeping bag liner/travel sheet like this one. This is great for hostel stays too! Generously sized and very comfortable and silky, this sheet provides you with peace of mind as you drift off to sleep, wrapping you in your own personal cover. It comes with a pillow pocket and has velcro on the sides. This liner also comes with a small bag that it compactly packs into. As an added bonus, bring it with on your next camping trip, slide it into your sleeping bag, and crawl into a sleeping bag with a few degrees of added warmth. The sleeping bag liner also makes it easier to clean your sleeping bags. Every traveler needs a good night of sleep and the Friendly Swede Sleeping Bag Liner can help! Find it online at Amazon with this link: The Friendly Swede Extra Spacious Travel and Camping Sheet Sleeping Bag Liner (Silver)


Chafon Compact 6 in 1 Multiple USB Fast Charging Cables – $6.99

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If you travel with many devices (smartphones, tablets, wireless headphones, e-readers, etc.), you likely will need multiple USB ports. The Chafon Compact 6 in 1 Multiple USB Connector gives you USB ports of various sizes for all of your devices. Chafon also offers an assortment of 6 in 1 Multi Charger Cables, allowing you to get the one that suits your electronic needs the best. You no longer need to bring 6 different cables; now you just need one! The charger pictured above offers 1 USB for source power, 2 micro USB, 1 mini USB, an 8-pin lightning and 30-pin apple port. Find this item at Amazon and others like it here: Chafon Compact 6 in 1 Multiple USB Fast Charging Cables Adapter Connector with 8 Pin Lighting /30 Pin/2 Micro USB /Mini USB Ports for Smartphone,Tablet and More(Blue+white)


Smartwool Socks – $15.95 and up

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Travelers are always on the move and always on their feet. All feet sweat which makes our toes cold, especially if we’re wearing cotton socks. Wool socks are what busy feet need because wool is a great insulator and can absorb more moisture than cotton. Wool also insulates when wet, dries faster than cotton, and is odor resistant! Since wool can be itchy and require extra fabric care, people turn to super soft merino wool socks. Smartwool makes amazing, easy-care merino wool socks for  hiking, running, skiing, and everyday wear. In various sizes and styles, Smartwool offers socks (and clothes!) for the busy traveler in your life. Check them out at Smartwool.com, REI, and Amazon here: Smartwool Women’s Ethno Graphic Crew Socks (Black) Medium.


Uppel All-in-One Worldwide Travel Charger Adapter – $15.99

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When you travel worldwide, you must have the right power adapters in order to use your electronics from home. This international electrical plug adapter works in over 150 countries, including Great Britain, Australia, China, and the European Union. Instead of needing different adapters for different countries, simplify your life by only needing one! In addition, this adapter also charges all USB devices safely and efficiently, protecting your devices from short circuits. Use the wall power outlet at the same time as you use the USB ports. Worldwide travel in the palm of your hand! Click here to shop for this at Amazon: Travel USB Uppel All-in-one Worldwide Travel Chargers Adapters for US EU UK AU about 150 countries Wall Universal Power Plug Adapter Charger with Dual USB and Safety Fuse(Blue).

I hope this post solves some of your holiday shopping worries, or at least gives you some new, unique ideas for the travelers in your life. Hopefully these affordable products will simplify travel for you and your loved ones, as they did for me!

Happy Travels and Happy Holidays!


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    Do you already have all of these items????

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      Almost, but the few I don’t have are on my wish list for this year 🙂

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