Sri Lanka – The Perfect Honeymoon Destination

With so many magical destinations around the world, it can be hard to choose your honeymoon location. After all, you want it to be perfect – a truly memorable holiday that celebrates the commitment you’ve just made to each other and starts off your married life. It’s also a time to focus on your partner and relax together after what may have been a somewhat stressful wedding planning process.

So why should you choose Sri Lanka? This South Asian nation has been on the radar of plenty of international travelers in recent years, getting praise for its natural beauty, cultural heritage sites, wildlife, and the adrenaline-filled activities it offers. But does this mean it’s the perfect choice for a honeymoon? Let’s take a look.

Sri Lanka

High-quality beaches

The cornerstone of any relaxing break is at least one beach day. You’ll be spoiled with choices in Sri Lanka, with thousands of miles of coastline to explore. The west coast of Sri Lanka continues to be the best spot for honeymooning couples looking to set up base in an established tourist area, with plenty of amenities and accommodation options.

Despite being more built up, the west is still home to some gorgeous beaches, such as Bentota, which is known for its calm waters. Couples can either simply soak up the view, or take part in watersports such as kayaking and jet-skiing, while still keeping travel time from the airport to a minimum.

If you don’t mind venturing further into Sri Lanka, you can really experience some of the more wild, natural locations. Head to Mirissa on the south coast, where you may be lucky enough to spot whales from the beach, or venture to Hikkaduwa, where you can try your hand at snorkelling at the Coral Sanctuary.

Range of unique experiences

If you and your future spouse are nature lovers, then you’ll definitely want to include Sri Lanka on your honeymoon shortlist. Home to some of the most fantastic wildlife on the planet, including leopards, elephants, peacocks, crocodiles and black-necked storks, this island nation has several national parks to keep their animals safe and happy. Visitors can book an ethical safari or birdwatching trip to learn more about these amazing creatures and how they are being cared for, as well as exploring the wider landscape on foot.

Sri Lanka’s offerings don’t just stop at watersports and nature tours either. It has eight UNESCO World Heritage sites for honeymooners to explore, including the historic city of Galle. After you’re done wandering, you can set yourself up in a cozy restaurant for a perfect intimate dinner.

Sri Lanka

Year-round destination

On a practical level, one of the best things about Sri Lanka is that the weather is good almost all year round, depending on where you go on the island. Temperatures tend to stay around 30℃/86°F, although there are two monsoon seasons.

The northern and eastern parts of Sri Lanka are affected by rain in October-January, whereas the southern and western areas get the rains in May-August. So, when you’re booking your honeymoon, just make sure that you choose your accommodation location accordingly.

A perfect trip

Whether you and your new spouse want to lay on the beach, see wildlife, or simply wander around the city, Sri Lanka really does have it all. With plenty of accommodation options and appealing places to choose from, the hardest part will be deciding where you want to go first.

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