Review of Grand Lux Cafe – Sunrise, FL

Grand Luxe Cafe

Overall score: B
Service: C
Food: B
Atmosphere: B
Vegetarian options: B
Recommended? Yes

The Grand Lux Cafe is located near the popular Sawgrass Mills Mall. We dined here on a Wednesday evening and the restaurant wasn’t too busy. The restaurant’s decor is very nice. Because this place was created by the same people that created the Cheesecake Factory, I noticed similarities in the decor. High ceilings and ornate decor caught my eye. The booths were large and comfortable. There was seating for larger sized groups as well as a bar area. I found the ambiance very suitable and to my liking.

The restaurant got major points from me because there were many vegetarian dishes available. Most of us veggies, especially us picky ones, usually have only one or two items to pick from on a menu. Their vegetarian selections were a big plus in my eyes. Their veggie burger was quite good and fresh, however it did fall apart very easily, a common veggie burger occurrence.

The menu at Grand Lux Cafe had lots of variety and foods to suit everyone. My family thoroughly enjoyed their meals. All the food seemed fresh and made ready to order. All desserts need to be ordered with your main entree because they are freshly baked and need about 30 minutes in order to be prepared. Their New Orleans Beignets were absolutely delicious! They are served with three dipping sauces, but the chocolate was the best!!

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The service we encountered here was great within the first five minutes of being seated. Our waitress was attentive and we were given a basket of bread and butter. She was very friendly, helpful, and made us feel welcome. However, that was the end of the good service. She never came back to refill our beverages until we were almost done with our meal. We had to ask for the sugar/sweeterner box several times before it was delivered. Our food was delivered by other wait staff and was prepared correctly. Shortly therafter, I realized that our waitress wasn’t attending to us because she had a large table of 20 people. She was pleasant when she came over to us, but it was frustrating because we just weren’t being attended to as we should have been.

Overall, the Grand Luxe Cafe met my expectations for a dining establishment.  If our service would have been better, I would have enjoyed our meal that much more.

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