Remote Working While Traveling – Simplified!

If you live to travel but need work to live, you do not need to operate on the premise that these things are mutually exclusive. You can work, while you travel, to live your best life! Incorporate the following tips into your travel logistics to make the process easier for a successful and fun-filled life.  

Use a VPN

If you have not been introduced to the world of VPNs, it is time for a proper introduction. VPNs or Virtual Private Networks are tools you can use to mitigate and reduce the risk involved with accessing public wifi and other public internet connections. The benefits of using a VPN are too great to pass up. 

Using a VPN affords you a vital measure of protection by creating a secure connection when you connect to a potentially unsafe public access point. Essentially, a VPN allows you to access the internet from your hotel or the fun local coffee shop in your destination city so you can work safely online. 

A VPN is designed to encrypt your IP address and internet connection. With this enhanced security feature, no one can identify your laptop or IP address to target you and your personal or work information. These networks allow unfettered internet access regardless of your geolocation and related restrictions. Internet privacy and data security features let you do what you need to and have fun while doing it, all without worry.

Take Care of Your Technology

You will need certain essential tools when working remotely while traveling. Do right by your technology and take care of it. Here are a few critical items for remote work and travel that ensures your technology stays protected:

  • A waterproof laptop case with a water-tight zipper that includes a well-cushioned case will save you from problems should you decide to work poolside or if a light rain shower comes out of nowhere.
  • Keep your laptop away from the sand by making or purchasing a protective case or cover. If you get sand in your laptop, turn it over and gently tap the underside immediately. Unfortunately, if you are at the beach and the wind picks up, sometimes there is nothing you can do to keep the sand out of the inner workings of your device except to protect it before something happens.
  • It should go without saying, but everyone seems guilty of pulling their USB and power cords out of the sockets by the cord instead of the plug. You know what happens when you do that – the cord begins to disconnect from the plug, and you are left with no way to power your device or connect a phone to your laptop. Simply paying attention to what you are doing, even in a rush, will save you time and money trying to find a new cord in a foreign country or remote location.

Maintain a Schedule

Throughout your travels and adventures, it can become all too easy to let work fall by the wayside. After all, you are on vacation! To keep living your dream and yet keep your job, you need to create a realistic schedule. Your schedule will likely be unique to you and be quite different from the next remote worker.  

Start by making a general schedule based on the times in each day when you work best and are most focused, and add those time blocks into your calendar. Next, enter routine company deadlines and meeting times into your schedule.  

Now take a proverbial step back and see what the calendar looks like. What are potential areas of flexibility where you can incorporate more exploration and adventures in your surroundings?

Your schedule may change daily, but by having a basic template of work requirements clearly denoted on your calendar, you will never miss anything at work again. 

Check out this video for a quick tutorial on how to create reminders in a Google calendar. 

Whether you are remote working while traveling the world for an extended period of time or only a few short months, it is important for you to plan for all of your nomadic office needs. Start by ensuring you will have access to a secure network. Having your identity and proprietary work content stolen while away from home will make it certain for you to return home quickly instead of enjoying your travels. Pack the appropriate protective gear for your technology and always respect the tech you are traveling with so it lasts the duration of your adventures. Lastly, be sure to soak it all in, cherish your time away, and enjoy the flexibility your remote working brings!

Happy Travels!


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