My Recap of Winter With My Sun Lamp

sun lamp review

With the bulk of winter behind us, I feel like I can adequately judge the effects of using my sun lamp all winter. Click here to read my earlier post about it and here for an introduction to it.

Overall, I have to say that I am quite pleased with my results.  The tiredness and deep ache that I would get in the winter wasn’t around this year. I remember trying to sit in the afternoon sun in years past, to soak in some vitamin D, but I didn’t need to do that this year. Even though some days I could only use the lamp for 20 minutes in the morning, I still benefitted from its effects.

So, even though I give this sun lamp a HUGE thumbs up, I must point out a few variables that may have affected my results. They are:

  • I did travel to Florida for a three-day weekend in the middle of January.
  • I exercised approximately 5 days a week all winter, although that has been my weekly routine for years. (Exercise does tend to improve mood.)
  • I didn’t come down with any severe colds or flu this season and was in good health.
  • Winter temperatures were the 7th warmest ever for all of Illinois.
  • Only 20-25 inches of snow fell on northern Illinois.
sun lamp review
My awesome sun lamp!

As a result of these warmer temperatures, I was out for walks on occasion; however, at most I went on ten walks.  Contrasting last year, when my children used all five snow/cold days for school, none have been used this year. The coldest days we had were a few days in the single digits, with wind chills around -15. We usually have several single digit days. Plus, not having as much snow was a wonderful gift for us. I was thrilled!

Obviously our milder winter did affect my mood in a positive way. Having less snow to shovel, less snow to drive in, and warmer temperatures, my mood was improved.  However, I do think the sun lamp had a large effect on me.  Even during the worst of winter, I still wasn’t as depressed or fatigued as I normally would be. I sat in front of my lamp every morning and I believe it made a big difference.

I would encourage anyone who thinks they are affected by any degree of seasonal affective disorder, to purchase a sun lamp.  My lamp has 108 LED lights with a UV shield, and emits 10,000 lux, which is the maximum amount available. I know there are some lights that are not as powerful, but if you can, spend the extra money for a quality lamp that you can use year after year.

Your mental health will thank you for it.

Happy Travels!


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