Obtaining a Last Minute Travel Loan, Even with Bad Credit

travel loan, bad credit

There’s hardly any doubt that the United States has the most mobile population. The US Census Bureau reports that domestic migration drastically changes the populations of each of the country’s counties and their equivalents. Many Americans have relocated to states other than their hometowns, paying visits only during the holidays or for other important milestones. The Spruce found that almost 40 million Americans move around the country annually. However, the need for travel could come from unforeseen circumstances, whether it is for a family emergency, a work-related concern, or anything in between.

These last minute travel plans can be unsettling when funds are tight. However, a travel loan might be your best option.

If you’re in need of a travel loan, here are some helpful tips to get where you need to go, no matter your financial situation or credit difficulties.

travel loan, bad credit

Contingency planning

In a previous post, ‘Traveling Within Your Budget,’ I mapped out the importance of saving to ensure a worry-free trip and even suggested taking out a personal loan if necessary. But emergency travel leaves little room for these preparations, and its costs can add up. Bereavement fares, for one, used to be offered by airlines for family members who needed to get home immediately. These are long gone, and purchasing a last-minute ticket is often very expensive. It might not even be a viable option if you have bad credit. This is why saving money for emergencies is essential, especially if you won’t quality for a personal loan with decent interest rates.

Emergency financing

An emergency is an emergency, and this is why it’s important for Americans to know that they can take out a travel loan if necessary. There are plenty of options here in the Midwest for travel loans and other emergency situations like these. One of these options is using your vehicle as collateral for quick and easy funds. Getting title loans approved in Cincinnati can take just 24 hours, with the possibility of decreasing payment every month. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when an emergency arises, but you can take a step back and find comfort in knowing that you have options.

financial problems, bad credit

Knowing your options

Short-term loans, such as a personal installment loan, could be your best option for an emergency – especially if your paycheck is still set to arrive upon your return. You won’t necessarily have to pay back the amount in full when you have the funds, but you can make incremental payments over a period of time. When you shop around for a travel loan, Certified Financial Planner Justin Pritchard says to also consider credit unions since they can personally discuss your case with you and look past your credit score. In fact, NAFCU recently reported that the Midwest is the best place for credit unions. Smaller, local banks may also have better rates and a more community-oriented approach.



The thought of traveling for an emergency situation when you don’t have the resources to do so may leave you feeling helpless. Don’t let this be another burden on your shoulders. You can find a travel loan that works for you, but you have to be willing to do some research. And in the long run, it’s a gentle reminder to work on building your credit and your emergency fund, so that you can really travel––emergency or not––worry-free.

Happy Travels!


travel loan, bad credit

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