How to Build a Wine Stave Table

I previously wrote a post explaining how my husband and I made a wine barrel table. After we were done making the table, we had extra wine staves left over. Not liking waste, I wondered what we were going to do with the leftover pieces. We had less than half of the staves left, so we had to make something simpler or smaller. When it comes to wine furniture, there are so many things a person can make. A simple search online will show you benches, chairs, candle holders, bar stools, high tables, and wine racks.  We opted against making a wine rack with the staves since I had already received one as a gift.

wine stave table
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We just wanted to make something that would be useful yet decorative.  Since we recently renovated our bathroom, we decided to make a small decorative table under the bathroom window.  My husband found this photo online and based his wine stave table design on it.

wine stave table
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First, to make the top, we had to pick out the best three staves that sat well together. Then we arranged them and attached them by screwing them together and clamping them in place. Afterwards, the pieces were cut to the proper length (our space for the table was too small to leave the staves whole).

wine stave table

Next, we picked 4 staves with the same amount of curvature for the legs, and those staves were cut to length. Two more were selected and cut for the diagonal accent legs. Then all the staves were sanded. The legs were attached to the top of the table by using support blocks made from the staves.

Assembly came next and then filling all of the screw holes. The table was stained, lightly sanded, and then covered in four coats of satin spray lacquer. This is our finished project.

wine stave table

Considering this only took one afternoon to make, it was an easy project, provided you already have wine staves, the right tools, and carpentry skills. This table is really more decorative than functional, but it adds an interesting spin in the bathroom.  I’m very happy that unlike the wine barrel table, you can actually see the Merlot/purple color on the inside of the staves. 

So with one wine barrel, we managed to make a functional barrel table and decorative wine stave table and had just a few staves left over.  Not bad for a $100 barrel!

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