Helpful Tips for Moving Abroad

Moving abroad to a new country and living in a new culture is a very difficult thing. Many people are forced to relocate for work, and even if temporary, it’s never easy to relocate your family and it’s even harder for children. If you have decided to move abroad, you will no doubt be feeling incredibly excited and scared about the journey ahead of you. However, you do need to be prepared before you leave home. Here are some tips that will hopefully make the transition easier:

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Buying property overseas

Contracts – There is only one place to begin and this is with the contracts. If you don’t understand the contract, don’t sign it. Moreover, if there are two versions of the contract, i.e. a local language and English language contract, you should get your lawyer to compare both to ensure that the English version is accurate.

Research You can never do enough research. Make sure you thoroughly assess the market beforehand. You will want to ensure that you are getting good value for money. Also, if you are buying the property for the purpose of renting it out, make sure you explore the rental market to discover whether properties are in high demand in that location and how much you are likely to get when renting it out. The last thing you want is for your investment to sit empty for most of the year.

Extras – One mistake a lot of people make is that they do not budget for the extras. This includes everything from insurance, to lawyers’ fees, to national taxes, to local taxes and more. The best thing to do is add 10%  to the cost of your acquisition to give you a realistic picture of how much you are going to end up spending in total.

Bank account – Last but not least, it is advisable to open up a bank account in your chosen country. You can then make sure taxes and local bills are paid on time. Keep an eye out for the best exchange rate when you are moving currency from your local bank account to your overseas account. You can then set up a standing order so that all your bills and such like are taken care of.

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Get your finances in order

As already mentioned, it is a good idea to open a bank account in the country that you are moving to. In addition, you need to sort out insurance before you move. Get a health insurance quote and a term life insurance quote. Both policies are pivotal and should be secure prior to you getting on the plane. After all, if something was to happen in your new country, you want to know you will be protected.

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Visas – Hire an immigration lawyer

The importance of getting your visa application approved first time around cannot be ignored. Not all applicants will be granted an appeal, and even if you are, this will take more time, money, hassle, and there is no guarantee it will be a success. Because of this, a lot of people decide to hire immigration lawyers to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of this in more depth:

First, you will have a much higher chance of being granted a visa if you use the services of an immigration lawyer. In fact, research indicates that you are five times more likely to win your case if you choose this path.

Secondly, the process will be a lot quicker, not to mention easier, if you use a professional service. There will be fewer headaches involved because you will have the guidance of someone who has handled many visa applications before.

Thirdly, you will receive an honest answer regarding the strength of your application. The immigration lawyer you hire will use their experience to determine whether your application is likely to be successful or not. This is vital, as you don’t want to get your hopes up if there is little chance you are going to be granted a visa.

You also have the huge peace of mind that there is always going to be someone there to answer your questions and give you advice.

Finally, immigration lawyers can also assist if your application has not been a success. They will advise you on the steps to take, which may include making an appeal if you’re eligible to do so.


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Making friends and settling in

Last but not least, you will want to settle in as quickly as possible. It is a good idea to join expat forums before you move so that you can pick up some useful tips and start talking to people who were once in your position. Aside from this, it is wise that you do not go back to your home country for at least a year, especially if you have children, as this can be very unsettling. You should also speak to the locals and be open to new cultures and a new way of life. This is your new home – embrace it!

As you can see, there is a lot that needs to be considered when moving to another country. However, if you take note of all of the pieces of advice that have been discussed here, you’ll have a great starting point for success. Find local resources in your town’s library and find reliable online sources to help you make this big transition. Gather as much information you can so that moving abroad happens as smoothly as possible. It is all about learning to plan and prepare effectively. If you do this, you have already won half of the battle that comes with moving abroad. So, the only thing left to do, is having an amazing experience!

Happy Travels!


Moving Abroad

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