Getting Your Home Summer Ready

Getting your home summer ready

Most homeowners in temperate climates know that the summer and winter periods require home maintenance to keep up with the weather. Everything from cleaning in the spring, to winterizing doors and windows, and making sure your heating and cooling works properly, all has to be done on an annual basis. 

There are a bunch of considerations to keep in mind to get your home summer ready. Here are just a few things to consider:

Getting your home summer ready

Factoring in Solar Power

Summer is usually a great time for solar energy because the sun is up for most of the day, meaning we can recharge our batteries and power our homes with just the energy from the sun.

Before taking the leap to solar, you should do a bit of research to understand if solar is worth the investment. Moving to solar can depend not only on your home’s location but also on whether you rent or own your home. In most cases, buying solar panels is a valuable long-term investment, especially as technology advances and the country moves away from fossil fuels. After all, solar is cheap and is also the most abundant energy source in the world! ¹

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Maintain your HVAC System

When the weather is cool it’s easy to forget to keep our air conditioning tuned up and properly maintained. When heat and extreme temperatures arrive, it’s imperative that our air conditioning units are working properly, making sure our homes stay at a comfortable temperature. Not having adequate cooling, especially for the elderly and the vulnerable, can lead to adverse health conditions or aggravate existing ones.  After all, the number of annual heatwaves across the country has tripled and it’s a key step in getting your home summer ready.²

Thankfully, there are 24 hour AC repair services that we can rely on to give us a hand. This is important because if you’ve spent most of the winter without having used your air conditioning, then there’s a good chance that there might be issues with it. Keep it working properly with a little bit of maintenance to ensure proper functioning.

Getting your home summer ready

De-Winterize Your Home

There is a lot of prep work that goes into winterizing a home. Prepare for spring and summer by removing outdoor spigot covers, removing any plastic sealants placed on windows, and removing outdoor covers placed on air conditioning condenser units. This also includes running your snowblower empty (of gas) before storing it for the summer, connecting garden hoses, and reconnecting or setting up your rain barrels.

Getting your home summer ready

Garden Prep and Maintenance

Where I live in Zone 5, cool gardens get planted in early spring and summer vegetable gardens are planted in May. These warm, spring days allow you to get your garden, lawn, and outdoor landscaping ready for the grow season. This is a great time to clean up your yard, add mulch to flower beds, fertilize and aerate your lawn, and prep your lawn mower.  Get your garden and home summer ready by planning and preparing those gardens for planting.

Getting your home summer ready involves maintaining your outdoor space and exterior of your home. If you spend a few days maintaining it every spring and fall, you can be assured that your home will be well taken care of for years to come.

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