The Most Common Forgotten Items for Camping

Camping isn’t just an excuse to get outdoors and away from the city – it’s a way to disconnect from all the stresses of life and reconnect with oneself. If you’re willing to get out and embrace a more natural way of life, you may find yourself enjoying adventures and making memories while camping. However, it’s important to remember that anytime you’re outdoors, you are at the mercy of Mother Nature. It’s imperative to be prepared for the unexpected. The outdoors is as beautiful as it is unpredictable and you don’t want to be met with a situation you aren’t prepared to handle. That said, here are the most common forgotten items for camping trips that you shouldn’t leave at home. (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases through links. See disclaimer at the bottom of the page.)

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It seems obvious, but replacement power sources are at the top of the list of camping essentials that everyone seems to forget. Batteries are crucial for many devices you take along and rely on to work, like a flashlight, cell phone, GPS, SPOT beacon, and radio. Having extra batteries or a new power source could be a game changer in a life or death matter. So do yourself a favor and fill your electronics with new batteries before leaving and pack extras just in case. By taking batteries along, you can rest assured knowing you’re covered with all your electronics.

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Flint Fire Starter

Another often forgotten item for camping is flint. Using flint to start a fire may seem more primitive than just using a lighter, but a lighter requires gas and shouldn’t get wet. Flint will ensure you can start a fire whenever you need one. Anyone who has spent time in the wilderness can tell you that fire can be a life-saving tool when camping or even if you get lost and need a bit of warmth. Common flint fire starters last for around three thousand strikes, meaning you’ll be carrying this handy piece of equipment around for a long time before needing to buy another one. Be sure to add one to your camping list!

Knife Sharpener

Everyone usually remembers to pack a knife, but they don’t think about the blade losing its sharpness and becoming dull. Without a sharp knife, you can’t complete half of the tasks you need to do when camping. And if you plan on using your knife a lot, bringing a sharpener will lessen the amount of energy you need when you actually cut. Consider taking a top knife sharpener along with you to keep yours sharp and ready for any job you need it for. A sharp knife is one of camping’s most essential items, and a knife sharpener is an add-on for this must-have equipment.

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Bug Protection

Campers often remember to pack sunscreen, but somehow bug repellent is a life-saver that many forget to pack. Insects, ticks, and mosquitoes can be numerous in hiking and camping locations. If you don’t have bug protection when outdoors, you may be bitten more times than you care for or even fall ill from the wrong bite. Many outdoor outfitting companies now make clothing with bug repellent integrated into the fabric. While wearing this clothing does help protect you, having bug spray for your skin will provide better defense and having both skin and cloth protection is best. I recommend Sawyer Permethrin Insect Repellent for Spray for clothes and camping gear and Ben’s Insect Repellent with 100% DEET for skin.


By learning what the most common forgotten items for camping are, you’re more likely to pack properly, enjoy the trip, and experience less problems. If you need more information on what to pack when camping, you can check out my previous posts below.

Whenever you head outdoors, always remember that the preventative route is much better than the alternative. After all, camping in the great outdoors is where the some of the best memories are made. It’s always best to be prepared.

Happy Travels!


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