Camping for Motorcycle Riders

Camping with your motorcycle might be the ultimate way to enjoy the open road. Not only can you enjoy majestic sunsets on winding backroads, but you can also sleep under the stars and wake up to the rising sun. If you’re wondering what you should pack for your next adventure, here’s everything you need to bring and a few tips on how to stay safe on the road, making the most of your next trip.



Planning Your Trip

The first and most important step is planning your trip. How long will you be gone? Where do you want to go? Will you need any special permits or reservations for your trip? Is your desired location only accessible during certain times of the year?

Plan ahead in order to avoid any problems during your actual adventure. You might also need to make arrangements in your personal life, such as with work or your friends, so they know where you are and where to search if there’s a problem. You can also schedule deliveries for times when you’ll be home or make arrangements for packages you expect to be delivered while you’re gone. If you’re on medications, be sure to get refills to have enough meds while you’re on the road and pack them appropriately.  

Without proper planning, you could easily have to speak with a motorcycle accident lawyer. Take the proper precautions now to enjoy a safe trip.

What to Bring on Your Camping Trip

Be sure to load up on these essentials when camping, both for safety and to get a better overall camping experience.

  • Tent with ground cover
  • Air mattress, cot, or pad
  • Sleeping bag
  • Stakes and mallets
  • Chairs
  • LED lights and headlamps
  • Stove
  • Knife
  • Cups and utensils
  • Personal hygiene goods
  • Wind and waterproof fire starters
  • First-aid supplies
  • Long clothing and hats
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray

While it seems like a lot of gear, if you pack right, everything can fit inside a small bag or box. Get creative with your packing and you could be surprised at what you’re able to bring!

Motorcycle camping


Choose a Good Campsite

Your campsite should ideally be in an elevated spot that is flat and free from too much vegetation. A good campsite will keep you dry, away from flash flood threats, and protect you from wild animals that might be in your area. You will also want to test out your campground by laying down on it before setting up camp to see if the spot is actually comfortable. Look out for insect nests nearby because they can cause major problems later on.

Keep The Bugs Away

Don’t hesitate to deploy your bug repellent, whether it’s a spray, torches, long sleeves, or simply the flap on your tent. You don’t want your camping trip to be ruined by too many bug bites. Some insects, especially mosquitos, can carry diseases that can sicken or even kill humans. If you are bitten by a strange insect, be sure to seek medical treatment if you are worried about how it looks. 

Obey Local Laws

If you’re camping far from home, the local laws and regulations could be different than the ones you’re used to. Be sure that you’re aware of what your obligations are under local laws and follow them, or you could find yourself in legal trouble during your trip.

motorcycle camping


Camping with your motorcycle can be an experience like no other, but it’s important to stay safe during your trip. Take the above steps and you could make memories that last a lifetime!

Happy Travels!


motorcycle camping

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