Finding the Best Credit Card for Travel

Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards

With so many travel related credit cards on the market these days, travelers don’t know where to turn. People ask themselves:

Do I choose an airline credit card or a general travel credit card?

Which card has the greatest benefits?

Are there foreign transaction fees?

Which card works the best abroad?

Fortunately for us, there are plenty of useful resources online to help explain the ins and outs of travel credit cards as well as rewards programs. Look no further than US News & World Reports. They have an entire page detailing the best travel reward credit cards for any kind of traveler. Most of these cards require an excellent credit score, but there are a few cards listed for fair and good credit holders.

Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards

Here, you can find detailed information about foreign transaction fees, annual fees, using rewards, as well as which cards have useful travel benefits like trip insurance and lost luggage reimbursement. Many people don’t understand how to cash in their rewards and others don’t understand how their points carry over from year to year. You will have to do some reading; spend some time doing your homework to ensure you’re getting the right card for your travel purposes.

I currently put almost all of my purchases on a Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card. In addition to there being no foreign transaction fees, bonus points are offered for the first three months (you must spend $4,000 in that time) and the rewards really work. My family’s airfare for spring break this year was purchased with our rewards points; it was easy to cash in those points and booking travel was a breeze. What’s better than free airfare?!

Many thanks to Ashley at US News & World Reports for bringing my attention to this helpful online resource. Check out US News & World Reports for more information.

Happy Travels!


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