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Vacation from home

There’s nothing like the feeling of returning home from a vacation after time away. Let’s face it – vacations have a transformative impact on our lives. And, no matter what we do, real life has a habit of stripping away its benefits.  Say you come home from an epic trip to Asia, thinking that the things you saw in India would change your life. However, after a few days at home, you start slipping back into your unhealthy habits, old ways, and negative thoughts. We fall back into our old routine, wishing to be back on that epic vacation.

This also explains why we start brainstorming our next adventure the moment we return home. While we all wish we could travel, relax, and vacation more, money constraints mean that we can’t travel as often as we’d like.  However, could you imagine getting the benefits of a vacation without going away? Well, with a little effort and motivation, you can bring the travel frame of mind to your everyday life.  Let’s explore a few ways you can do just that!

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Spend Time Outdoors

Okay, so the forests of the midwest are nothing like the Redwoods in California. However, one of the main reasons we feel so relaxed after time away is because of the large amount of time we spend time outside. Vacations often involve hiking, walking city streets, visiting beaches, and enjoying the scenery.  I’ve written before about how walking in nature can benefit your health, and that’s worth bearing in mind here. After a trip, people have a habit of locking themselves away in their homes, thinking there’s nothing outside to see and do.  However, this can actually lead to the stale post-vacation feeling you hate. So, how can you avoid it? Avoid it by making time to walk outside for at least half an hour each day. Visit the local pool, find a place to hike, or have a meal outdoors. With the fresh air, the sounds of nature, and some essential vitamin D from the sun, you’ll eventually find that feeling you get after a day of exploration abroad.
vacation at home

Simply Enjoy Existing

Another habit we fail to bring home after our vacation is that of just being. When we’re away, we forget our responsibilities, we relax, and just enjoy our experiences. We’re content to sit for hours and settle into a slow version of life. However, when we get home, we’re stuck with the usual commitments and responsibilities of our daily routine. This doesn’t mean you can’t still take time for yourself. To ensure you do, start a meditation habit. Mediation will help you slow down and learn to be present and in the moment. Enhance your experience by trying scented candles or get the help of scented diffusing machines like those you’ll find if you click here. Perhaps use one day a week or month to treat yourself like you’re on vacation. Forget the responsibilities and relax! Delight in all of your senses with good food, beautiful sights, and aromatic smells to help you feel like you’re still carefree and on vacation.

vacation at home
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Try New Things

When on vacation, we are often more willing to try new things; it could be new foods, new activities, or new cultures.  Whether it’s a positive or negative experience, when we step out of the box and try something new, we often return with a good story, great photos, or maybe a new favorite. However, back at home we fall into routines and block ourselves from experiencing that joy again. Don’t do it! Instead, embrace the experiences at home in the same way you would while away. Sign up for that night class, eat in that new restaurant you’ve been wanting to try, or step out of your comfort zone and try a new sport. You might find yourself amazed at how good it can feel to open yourself up. It might even seem a lot like being on vacation…

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To experience the joy of vacationing, sometimes all you need is to change your mindset, not your location.

Happy Travels!


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