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In the past decade, more and more vacationers have turned away from hotels and towards home rentals. Not only does a vacation home rental provide you with more amenities than hotels, but they are also a better value. You may not have certain luxuries like room service or a fitness center in a vacation home rental, but you’ll get more space, more bedrooms, a place to cook, and so much more.

When you decide to stay at a vacation home rental, it’s best to start packing early, or at least start to think about packing early. There’s nothing worse than arriving at a beautiful vacation spot, settling into your new surroundings, and realizing you have forgotten an item that you really need. 

While it’s true that some forgotten items can be re-purchased, not everything can. The best way to avoid forgetting anything important is to prepare your packing far in advance. You should begin weeks or months before, not days. If you pack too quickly for a trip, it can lead to disorganization and forgetting crucial items.

For instance, I tend to place everything needed for trips in one specific location. Over the weeks, I’ll add to the pile, gathering necessary items for the trip and for the home rental. If I’m still using something that I want to pack, I’ll leave a note for myself to remember to pack that item when possible.

In addition to packing early, your packing must also be effective. Find a helpful packing app for your phone or a packing list online that best suits your needs. Jot down some notes to include items not listed on the app or list, thereby making your own list. If you have time, you can even type up your own list for vacations. I’ve done that in the past and as the years go by, I add new items to the list and delete old ones.

To further help your vacation home rental packing, here’s a helpful infographic that combines a lot of good information, ensuring you’ll have everything you need for your next vacation.

Happy Packing!


Infographic courtesy of Carolina Design Vacation Rentals


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