A Look at My Favorite New Hiking Skort

As a woman with a curvier/athletic figure, I tend to hike in anything but shorts. In the summer, I only wear capris and skorts, and in the cooler months I wear hiking pants or leggings. As most of my hiking is done in the summer, I’ve owned a few different brands of hiking skorts, including ones from Columbia and The North Face. However, this year, I got the new Kühl FreeFlex skort and quickly became enamored with it!

I decided to splurge and try Kühl’s FreeFlex Skort which is offered on their website for $75. What I love about this hiking skort is that it has a pair of internal shorts which offers relief from chafing and provides additional comfort while on the trail.

The skort fabric is lightweight and is super comfortable, stretchy, and dries quickly. The internal shorts within the skort are are also lightweight, made out of a mesh-like material that isn’t see through. In addition, the FreeFlex skort offers SPF 50 protection from the hot summer sun. This skort is an easy pull-on skort with an elastic waistband that has a front drawstring for tightening.

While the Kühl FreeFlex skort is a little more comfortable than my other hiking skorts, it wins hands-down on being lightweight, stretchy, and durable. Compared to my other Columbia Women’s Anytime Casual Skort, the Kühl FreeFlex skort has superior fabric and the internal shorts are much lighter and more much comfortable. I love the four pockets it has (2 in front and 2 in back), with the front 2 pockets fitted with zippers to keep items protected and secure. The length of the FreeFlex skort and internal shorts is just right, short enough to allow ease of movement when hiking, but not too short that you feel exposed.

Even if you prefer shorts, Kühl offers the FreeFlex as a skort, shorts, or cargo shorts. All items are offered in 4 colors, and you can get the shorts in different inseam lengths for your preferred level of comfort. Be sure to use their size guide to pick the right size for you.

Overall, I’m really glad I picked this Kühl FreeFlex skort over other brands. Despite this being an awesome skort to hike in, I plan on wearing it a lot at home and around town as it is my favorite bottom to wear in summer. With its durable fabric, softness, stretch, and quick-drying capabilities, the Kühl FreeFlex Skort is a true winner for hiking, rafting, kayaking, or simply running around town. So, if you have a curvy or athletic build and aren’t a big fan of shorts, you should definitely give this skort a try!

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