5 Survival Gadgets for Adventurers

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Having the right survival kit can be important when planning an adventure into the unknown. While there are lots of older, dated tools that are still useful to bring, modern survival gadgets have made adventuring a whole lot easier. These tools simplify outdoor living and could be worth investing in if you’re an avid adventurer.  Take a look at five of these new items.

1. Water Filter

Water filters are the one thing backpackers shouldn’t skimp on. After all, water is essential to survival and no matter where you explore, you should have a water filter and backup iodine tablets. If you run out of water in the wilderness and need to drink water from a lake or stream, having a water filter handy can be useful to remove any traces of bacteria. Without a filter, it’s possible you may develop intestinal issues from drinking dirty water. 

There are two main filters on the market – The Sawyer Mini and The LifeStraw. Each one is small enough to fit in a pocket and is capable of removing 99.9% of bacteria (the LifeStraw has even been tested on a puddle). This guide at WildBunnysLand.com offers a useful comparison of both products. It’s important to note that these water filters won’t allow you to remove salt from saltwater, so you should still keep clear of seawater when looking for a water source to drink. Only filter freshwater from lakes and rivers.


2. Fire Starter

Being able to start a fire is another important survival skill if you want to keep warm and have the option of cooking food. Fire starters prevent you from the arduous task of rubbing two sticks together, which is very difficult when trying to produce a flame. These survival gadgets produce a flame instantly. They are also much more effective than your average lighter – some are even able to start fires with wet wood and in wet conditions.

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One such product is the Sahara Sailor magnesium fire starter kit, which also comes with a glass breaker attached (not so useful when starting a fire, but still a useful survival accessory if you need to get out of a drowning car). It’s also small enough to fit in your pocket, so it won’t take up much packing space. This guide at SavantMagazine.com offers more information on fire starters including the Sahara Sailor for those that are interested in upgrading their survival gadget stash.


3. Survival Sleeping Bag

Your average sleeping bag isn’t likely to offer much protection against all of the elements. A survival sleeping bag is extremely lightweight, compactable in your pack, yet a critical element if you are forced to stay outside for the night. These sleeping bags are waterproof, wind resistant and offer some thermal protection. They’re exactly what you need if you think you may have to sleep in hostile conditions or for the ‘just in case’ hikes.

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German outdoor company Ortovox produces their own survival sleeping bag aimed predominantly at mountaineers. These sleeping bags are super colorful so that they stand out in the snow and are lightweight so that they’re easy to carry. Sites like MatchesFashion.com offer more information on these extreme sleeping bags, if you’re looking into upgrading.


4. Solar Charger

Having a working cell phone is important for getting ahold of emergency services in the event you may need them. However, if you’re going trekking in the wilderness, you won’t have access to charge your phone once the battery runs out. Portable chargers can be a handy solution to this, however they still need to be charged beforehand and carry only a limited amount of charge. In order to maintain a constant power supply, you’ll find that you’re better off investing in a solar charger.survival gadgets

There are a number of portable solar chargers on the market, some of which are also waterproof and highly durable. These survival gadgets can charge your devices, whether it’s to make an emergency phone call or check in at home. If you’re interested, check out MyTrendyPhone.com, which offers more information on these chargers.


5. Service Booster

You may be able to keep your phone from dying with a solar charger, but it’s still no use if you can’t get a signal. In the event that you find yourself somewhere remote and can’t get any phone signal, it could be worth bringing an extra survival gadget to help boost your signal.survival gadgets

Yes, such technology really does exist! The goTenna Bluetooth signal booster is one such device that will help you when you’re off the grid. It’s a great survival gadget to have when out exploring and are unable to get cell phone service. These devices also have maps of the world downloaded onto them so that you can still navigate, even without a GPS signal. For more information on this, check out the site Gotenna.com.

Nowadays, anyone who heads out exploring should be well equipped to be able to handle any emergency that may come their way. With so many survival gadgets out there, you simply have to pack the right items to make sure you’re well prepared. If you’re looking for more information on survival skills, check out a few of my previous posts:

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Stay safe out there and happy travels!


5 survival gadgets for every explorer


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