150 Year Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, In Photos – 2013

In July 2013, my family and I visited Gettysburg, PA on the way home from a family vacation.  We specifically stopped here because we knew the town of the infamous battle was celebrating a 150th anniversary.  It was supposed to be huge.

And it was. There are obviously perks to visiting a small town during a national remembrance. However, what comes with it are headaches, lots of waiting (everywhere!), no parking, and dealing with lots and lots of people.  We still decided to spend two days there, knowing that the visiting conditions would not be ideal for us.  I have to add also, it was over 90 degrees with very high humidity. It was going to be a sticky few days.

Gettysburg National Park

In addition to special events being held at the Visitor’s Center, there was a massive battle reenactment that we were going to see outside of town. Even though we had reservations for the grandstands, we still arrived at the site a few hours earlier than the battle, just to ensure getting a good seat.

This was the line to get into the reenactment area and grandstands.
This is me trying to be patient amongst the crowds.
We got great seats, but then again we had over an hour to wait before the show began.
Packed grandstands!

Civil War reenactors came from all over the country to participate in the big event. They even stayed in camps near the battlefield.  These reenactors are serious business – they live and breathe like the soldiers, many even bringing their families to reenact with them.

Gettysburg National Park
Gettysburg National Park
Northern soldiers posing for a photo.
Gettysburg National Park
Civil War reenactors
civil war reenactor
This soldier had a lot of character.

The North, in their navy uniforms, arrived first, on foot and on horseback. (Keep in mind it was incredibly hot and these reenactors were wearing wool uniforms!)

Gettysburg National Park

The Southern soldiers took their places, waving their confederate flags, as the North approached.

Gettysburg National Park
Gettysburg National Park
Gettysburg National Park

As the front lines prepared to fight, President Lincoln was at the back of the battle, as were the other senior military advisors. More Northern troops and canons gathered far behind the front lines.

Abe Lincoln actor
Gettysburg National Park

As the battle began, the soldiers, in the stifling heat, shot off their rounds and engaged in combat. The North kept their line while the South had a weaker formation and fewer numbers. Wounded warriors on both sides fell to the ground, canons fired, and drums sounded.

Gettysburg National Park
Gettysburg National Park

There was so much activity going on. The soldiers were battling all over the field. Some in hand to hand combat, others with guns or canons. I couldn’t get over the number of reenactors. My hats off to them – they did a wonderful job.

Gettysburg National Park
Gettysburg National Park
The North kept moving forward.
Gettysburg National Park
The North fired in formation, as the South fought back.
Gettysburg National Park
Gettysburg National Park
Gettysburg National Park

The battle eventually ended with the South retreating.  The Northern soldiers trotted off the battlefield on horseback and on foot, marking the end of the reenactment. 

Overall, it was a unique experience for my family and I. It was so well done we felt like we stepped back in time. There was so much to see during battle – you always had something new to watch. I know the reenactment is done each year, but I don’t think it’s done with the magnitude of reenactors as this occasion was.  Celebrating 150 years was a big deal.

If you are ever near Gettysburg, be sure to stop and visit the National Military Park. Visit around the 4th of July for special events and battle reenactments. Visit Soldiers’ National Cemetery and take the driving tour around the park.


Walking by the empty battlefields seem can eerie at times…as if time just stopped. Come to Gettysburg, remember the battle, and honor those whose lives were lost.

Gettysburg National Park
A reenactor walks the battlefield at Gettysburg.

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  1. wineandhistory | 17th Nov 15

    Beautiful photos! I love the last one. Gettysburg is just an amazing place – it is powerful to reflect on what happened there. Camille

    • Julie | 18th Nov 15

      Thank you! I was so happy to capture the reenactor walking the real fields of Gettysburg. Kind of surreal. Gettysburg is a powerful place – everyone should visit there. I’m glad you enjoyed the post! 🙂 Julie

    • Carlito | 28th Feb 16

      Hey just wondering how you put all those phtoos in order like that? Wanting to do something like that myself but wasn’t sure how you coded or went about it. Anyways, if you got the time, could you email me on it and tell me the steps? Would forever be grateful if you did girl! 🙂

  2. transplantedtatar | 28th Nov 15

    We also went for the 150th reenactment — my first Civil War reenactment. The heat, the scale of it all (so many people, so many horses in this little place) were memorable, and I really enjoyed walking through the soldiers’ village afterwards. Still, it was way too crowded and way too hot. You got great pictures — especially the last one.

    • Julie | 28th Nov 15

      Thanks. It sure was hot! I was amazed with the reenactors in their wool uniforms! It was a pretty unique experience though. I also enjoyed the soldiers’ village. Those people are dedicated! Glad you enjoyed the post 🙂 -Julie

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