Wonders of Nature

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Hello Spring!

I have been amazed at how quickly Chicago is experiencing this year’s spring. In years past, March has continued to be a cold month; not so this year. (It actually feels more like April.)

It’s always interesting to me to see the emergence of people in the spring. People that you haven’t seen outside since November are emerging from their homes, going for walks, and spending time outside. Children are out playing and riding bikes while teenagers skateboard down our street.

Every spring, I’m always astounded at the predictability and perseverance of nature. New growth shoots from the ground and this small glimmer of life gives me hope. Nature can have such amazing force yet such graceful beauty in our world. As the weather improves, take a moment to spend some time in nature; breathe in the fresh air, bathe in the sunlight, and immerse yourself in it. For nature has so much to teach and so much to offer.

Enjoy these motivational quotes on the wonders of nature with some of our photos.

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