Why Should We Travel?

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The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. – Saint Augustine

Some people love to travel. Others hate it.

Travel can open doors to other worlds, but also creates headaches for others. To me, there is nothing more thrilling than setting my eyes on a new place for the first time.

Pure bliss.

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So why should we travel? I’ve compiled a list of reasons why I travel, so by no means is this list complete.

  • To create memories
  • To see new places
  • To experience adventures
  • To challenge yourself, take risks, and be away from your comfort zone
  • To gain perspective on a lot of things, including your own life and how you live it
  • To appreciate home and family, and be grateful for what you have
  • To meet new people
  • To learn more about yourself and how well you can adapt to different situations, which can increase your confidence
  • To educate yourself and learn of different people and cultures

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Traveling gives people something to talk about with others. Travel is an interesting topic of conversation that transcends all social circles. My family and I always have a motto when we are on vacation: any hardship makes for an interesting story. Stories of unexpected occurrences or strange happenings are always the stories that are retold. Those are the ones people enjoy telling, and enjoy listening to.

Traveling makes me happy. Sure, I run into problems occasionally in airports and deal with lost reservations.  However, I always refocus the trip on my kids –  the adventures, the new places, and the smiles on my daughters’ faces.

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When my mother died before age 60, I learned that there are no guarantees in life, nor in old age. Retirement and the pleasures of your last decades only come to the lucky ones. If you live your life, squandering away your savings to only travel when you retire, you may be disappointed. Good health, both in mind and body, do not happen to everyone in their senior years, despite one’s best attempts to stay healthy. So budget now for that trip you’ve been dreaming about. You never know what obstacle may fall into your way as time goes on.

Live for your life today.

Happy Travels!


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