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UberThis past summer, my family and I traveled to Seattle.  It was here that we had our first experience with Uber.  I had heard the name a lot, but because I live in a suburb of Chicago, I didn’t really know what it was.

Uber is a transportation company.  Instead of taxis, independent and contracted Uber drivers drive their own cars and provide rides to users needing transport. They do this by connecting riders and drivers together through their smartphone app.  Uber is aimed towards serving large metropolitan cities and is also present in large, international cities.  Call for a car through your phone’s app, pay through your app, and even rate your driver through your app.  It’s seamless!

Uber Seattle

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I reluctantly agreed to use Uber while in Seattle, despite not knowing a thing about it.  Everything about the ride process was simple.  It was easy to use the app and easy to find a ride.  Drivers were close by too.  Each time I called for a car, I didn’t wait more than three minutes, anywhere I was at.  The drivers were courteous, their cars were clean, and they were responsible drivers.  Also, most drivers will also provide you a charging cable for your smartphone.  It was nice not having to worry about paying them directly, because your credit card gets tied to the Uber app.  The company charges based on distance and there is no tipping charge included.  However, since the driver can also rate you as a rider, it’s usually good to tip the driver with cash; not tipping can lower your rider ranking.


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Overall, I was very impressed with the car service experience in Seattle.  Their rates were reasonable and pick up was always fast. We used Uber 5-6 times, and have since used it in the Chicago suburbs and in Washington DC.  Every experience my family and I have had has been a positive one.

Uber is outpacing taxis, growing by leaps and bounds.  They have changed the landscape of private transportation by making the process enjoyable.  Who wants to get into a foul smelling, old, uncomfortable taxi when Uber will do the same job, at the same price, which much more convenience and comfort? Not me.  And I bet you wouldn’t either.

Give Uber a try the next time you’re in the city. You won’t be disappointed.

Happy Travels!


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thatslondonbaby September 19, 2015 at 2:35 pm

Uber in London literally changed the way I travel. It’s so easy and reasonably priced, its almost a new addiction 🙂


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