Organization for Young Swimmers

Got kids? Are you heading someplace warm for spring break? If so, here’s a little organizational tip that worked for my girls and I:

If your kids are old enough to carry a bag, get them their own swim bag!



When my girls were little, I didn’t have a bag big enough to carry all of the family’s swimming or beach supplies. Plus, let’s face it, I didn’t want to be the family sherpa.  I decided I’d buy them their own bags.

In order to make their swim bags special, I got my girls cute bags from L.L.Bean in their favorite colors and had their names embroidered on them. In their bag, they stored a towel, bathing suit, goggles, pool pass, sunglasses, sunscreen, swim toys, snacks, and anything else they wanted to bring with. It was very helpful for them to have all of their supplies in one place.  That made pool days and vacations that much easier.

When the girls were really little, I made sure their bags were packed with what they needed; but they still carried and kept track of their bags themselves, learning how to be responsible.  As they got older, I made it clear to them that they were accountable for their own gear. Needless to say, if they forgot something once, they didn’t forget it again.

Do you have a travel tip or hack? I’d love to hear about it. Let me know in the comments!

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