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In celebration of the National Park Service’s (NPS) 100th birthday, I decided to put together a quiz, to see how much people know about our national parks. How well do you think you know the national parks? Take my National Park Quiz to find out!

*Please note that the answers are revealed AFTER the question and the subsequent photo, so avoid scrolling down until you’re ready to check your answer! Also, the photo does not necessarily represent the answer!


Question 1. This western national park never had a railroad. As a result, this park needed roads to accommodate all the people driving to it. Road building was a high priority in the early days of this spectacular national park.

  1. Yosemite National Park
  2. Rocky Mountain National Park
  3. Mt. Rainier National Park
  4. Grand Teton National Park

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Answer: 2. Rocky Mountain National Park

When workers were readily available in the 1930’s, the National Park Service built Trail Ridge Road, replacing the narrow single lane and steep Fall River Road.


Question 2. This Washington D.C. building, run by the NPS, has different stones used in its construction. Included is granite from Massachusetts, marble blocks from Colorado, limestone from Indiana, pink marble from Tennessee, and more marble from Alabama and Georgia. The choice for each building material and where it came from was of special significance to the architect. What building is this? (Photo is only for general purpose. Answer is not necessarily in the photo.)

  1. Washington Monument
  2. White House
  3. Lincoln Memorial
  4. Thomas Jefferson Memorial

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Answer: 3. The Lincoln Memorial

The architect wanted to show that a country that was torn apart by war can come together, create something beautiful, and become stronger unified .


Question 3. Until three years ago, this state was the only state in the US without an official unit of the National Park Service. (example: national park, national monument, national register of historic places, etc.)  

  1. New Hampshire
  2. Rhode Island
  3. Kansas
  4. Vermont
  5. Delaware

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Answer: 5. Delaware

President Obama designated Delaware’s first National Park Service unit, First State National Monument, in 2013. It was later renamed First State National Historical Park by Congress.


Question 4. The Ice Age National Scenic Trail, encompassing 1,200 miles of a glacier’s edge, is located in what state?

  1. North Dakota
  2. Illinois
  3. Alaska
  4. Wisconsin
  5. Michigan

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Answer: 4. Wisconsin

Established by an Act of Congress in 1980, this trail follows a terminal moraine (a marking that shows where the glacier furthest advanced) from the last Ice Age.


Question 5. This national park is located above a volcano that last erupted 174,000 years ago.

  1. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
  2. Yellowstone National Park
  3. Yosemite National Park
  4. Bryce Canyon National Park

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Answer: 2. Yellowstone National Park

Although the last lava flow was approximately 70,000 years ago, the Yellowstone caldera (or volcanic crater) is the largest volcanic system in North America. Geologists have called Yellowstone a ‘super volcano’ because its caldera was created from exceptionally huge eruptions.


Question 6. Landscape Arch is the longest natural arch found in the US. What NPS unit is it found in? 

  1. Zion National Park
  2. Natural Bridges National Monument
  3. Arches National Park
  4. Glen Canyon National Recreational Area
  5. Dinosaur National Monument
national park quiz
This is Landscape Arch!


Answer: 3. Arches National Monument

Landscape Arch is the fifth longest arch in the world, but longest in the US. Measuring at 290 feet, this long and thin arch has lost parts of it since 1991, resulting in the National Park Service closing the trail that once passed under the famous arch.


Question 7: Which of the following is NOT a real unit of the NPS?

  1. Hot Springs National Park
  2. Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park
  3. Congaree National Park
  4. Plegiroit National Park
  5. Lake Clark National Park

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Answer: 4. Plegiroit I made up. 😊 Hot Springs National Park is in Arkansas, Black Canyon of the Gunnison is in Colorado, Congaree is in South Carolina, and Lake Clark is in Alaska.


Question 8. This park is the LARGEST national park in terms of land. Is it:

  1. Denali National Park
  2. Death Valley National Park
  3. Wrangell-St. Elias National Park
  4. Yellowstone National Park
  5. Everglades National Park
national park quiz
This photo is from Glacier Point in Yosemite, not from the largest national park.


Answer: 3. Wrangell-St. Elias National Park

Wrangell-St. Elias is a national park in southeastern Alaska with over 13.2 million acres of land.


Question 9. This is the world’s longest known cave system (and a national park), with more than 400 miles explored.

  1. Mammoth Cave National Park
  2. Wind Cave National Park
  3. Carlsbad Caverns National Park

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Answer: 1. Mammoth Cave National Park, located in Kentucky, is pictured above. This park and cave system has also been designated a World Heritage Site and an International Biosphere Reserve.


Question 10. This national park ranges from high mountain peaks to temperate rain forests to untamed coastline. What park is it?

  1. Mt. Rainier National Park
  2. Shenandoah National Park
  3. Olympic National Park
  4. Big Bend National Park
  5. Kings Canyon National Park

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Answer: 3. Olympic National Park

Three different ecosystems are found in Olympic National Park. According to the National Park Service, this is the result from thousands of years of geographic isolation, and also extreme ranges in temperature, elevation, and rainfall.

Question 11. What national park is featured in the photo below?

  1. Mesa Verde National Park
  2. Guadalupe Mountains National Park
  3. Saguaro National Park
  4. Pinnacles National Park

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Answer: 1. Mesa Verde National Park

This national park offers a unique look into the history of the Pueblo people who lived here for over 700 years. Thousands of archeological sites are preserved here, including 600 cliff dwellings.


Question 12. To visit this national park, you must arrive by boat or small plane. This ocean paradise is well-known for its incredible wildlife and plant life, that has been isolated for thousands of years. What park is this?

  1. Biscayne National Park
  2. Dry Tortugas National Park
  3. Isle Royale National Park
  4. Channel Islands National Park

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Answer: 4. Channel Islands National Park

Five islands are part of this national park off the coast of southern California. Called the “Galapagos of North America,” this remote park has no stores, restaurants, or places to lodge. What it lacks in accommodations, it makes up for in natural beauty.


How did you do?

I’d say a score of 10-12 is excellent and 7-9 is satisfactory. Under 50% with 6 or under, you might want to head out to visit our parks on your next vacation. They are American masterpieces!

Happy Travels!


national park quiz



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