Escape the Quest – Pompano Beach, FL

escape the quest

Overall Score: B
Cost: B ($25 per person)
Fun Potential: B
Recommended?: Yes

I was looking for something different and fun to do with the family one night and discovered  Escape the Quest, a “room escape” facility in Pompano Beach, not far from Ft. Lauderdale.  Escape the Quest is a unique entertainment experience where you are locked in a room for 60 minutes.  Within those 60 minutes, you have to use the clues given to you in order to solve your case or mystery.

My family and I were to solve a murder.  After being given a walkie-talkie by Stephanie, she informed us that we had three lifelines that we could use for help during our one hour session. We could call her via the radio and get a clue if we found ourselves stuck.

The mystery was just hard enough to be challenging for my husband and I.  Our kids were able to do some parts of the challenge while we did others.  We did not use any clues although there were a couple of times when we considered it.  Overall, we had a really fun experience working together as a family.  The kids were even happier when we were able to escape the room after 45 minutes.  If we had another day in town, the kids may have convinced us to come back for another quest!

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