Introducing Castaway Beard Oils

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Know someone with a full beard? Chances are, you do.

As facial hair trends seem to change with the decades, the resurgence of the full beard has hit a high point in American culture. Hipsters everywhere sport longer than usual beards, some even with elaborate mustaches, and facial hair grooming has hit a peak.

As more men are starting to embrace the art of skin care and grooming, they are seeking higher quality products.  At stores today, you can find everything from male body care, skin care, as well as speciality grooming products. Unfortunately, not all of these products are made with 100% natural oils, made with quality ingredients, or are cruelty-free.

So, this is where my connection ties in.

Castaway Beard Oils

Introducing Castaway Beard Oils!


I’ve recently started a small beard oil business with my husband – Castaway Beard Oils.  We got the idea to start the business when on a past trip to the Virgin Islands. While with some friends, we tossed around the idea of how we could always feel connected to the sea, when back home and landlocked, thousands of miles from paradise. When we stumbled upon the idea of creating a beard oil that reminds us of the ocean, we thought we were on to something.

After months of research on oils, fragrances, essential oils, and beards, we got to work creating our product.

Carrier Oils

For those of you that read my blog on a regular basis, you may be able to surmise by now that I am very much a perfectionist; I do lots of research, work diligently, and will not attach my name to anything of poor quality. For weeks, I played with various combinations of carrier oils (over 10 different oils), experimenting with varying ratios of these ten oils to create the best combination of moisture, conditioning, and absorbency. When creating the beard oil, our main goals were:

  • to leave the skin and beard moisturized
  • to condition beard hair, leaving it smooth and full of luster
  • to create the perfect amount of absorbency (not leaving your beard/skin too dry or too greasy)

With 10 different oils and an infinite number of possible ratios to use, I had my work cut out for me!

Castaway Beard Oils

Yours truly, at work developing formulas for Castaway Beard Oils


After the carrier oil combination was formulated, it was on to discovering fragrance. I did a lot of research on essential oils at first, since most small batch beard oil companies use essential oils (natural plant extracts that contain the essence of the plant’s fragrance). Ultimately, I decided against using them for several reasons:

  • I wanted our beard oil to be different from others
  • Why smell like an aromatherapy store? Do men really want to smell like pine, lemon, and sage? Essential oils can be too potent to smell all day. After all, your beard is right under your nose!
  • Some people are overly sensitive to essential oils and they have the potential to damage or irritate skin, eyes, or mucus membranes
  • Essential oils have caused some to develop gynecomastia, contact dermatitis, and various allergic reactions

Adding essential oils to our product would have been easier, but because of the reasons listed above, I decided to turn my focus to fragrance. Many weeks followed with me scouting out information on fragrances, the chemistry of fragrance, optimum concentrations, and more. As you can imagine, the number of combinations for fragrances is infinite! Luckily, after trying a few hundred scents, I was able to create three unique fragrances reminiscent of the sea. We added these aroma combinations to our carrier oil base. These are the fragrances for our Castaway beard oils:

Castaway Beard Oils


The Captain: The Captain is our signature scent, the scent that started our beard oil business. When we asked ourselves what a captain or sailor smells like, we knew what smell we had to create (pleasant smells only!).  Our base fragrance is a light marine and ozone fragrance, with salty and wooden notes, additions of musk and tobacco, as well as a drop of rum. Close your eyes and be transported back to the sea.

Pillage & Plunder:  This scent is my husband’s favorite. We first called it ‘pirate’ because of the nature of the fragrance. This fragrance features a masculine aroma of spices, leather, tobacco, and a touch of musk. It’s a very distinct and unique smell, like nothing I’ve smelled of men’s grooming products. My husband describes the smell as that of a high-end humidor because of the strong notes of leather.

Beachcomber: Beachcomber is our third fragrance, which is reminiscent of the beach. I created this scent by adding a light marine base, then added the fresh aroma of sea air, and just a touch of exotic coconut. I didn’t want this beard oil to smell too much like sunscreen, so there is just a touch of coconut. Our beachcomber aroma is subtle enough for you to be reminded of the beach all… day… long.

giving back to CFVI

Giving Back

In the creation of these three beard oils, we decided it was only right to give back and choose a charity to donate to. Because we were inspired to go through with this endeavor while in the US and British Virgin Islands, we decided that we’d give a portion of our profits to the CFVI, the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands. As we have been to both the US and British Virgin Islands since Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017, we’ve seen the impact these storms have had on the people and on the community as a whole. Many buildings are abandoned, merchants are struggling, and they long to bring back the vibrant economy they once had. It will take years to get back to the state they were in before the storms hit in 2017. This is why we want to help and are choosing to give back.

Castaway Beard Oils

Our Philosophy

What I love about Castaway Beard Oils is that they eliminate the need for both beard oil AND cologne. The fragrance is in the beard oil! Also, the fragrance isn’t too overpowering; it’s subtle enough to enjoy, yet it lasts for hours.

My husband was ‘fortunate’ enough to be the guinea pig in this entire endeavor, putting new oils and fragrances on each day. I was amazed at how well his beard smelled and also how much softer it got. When he’d travel for work and forget his samples of beard oils, he was disappointed, because his beard wasn’t conditioned and smooth, leaving it his rougher and drier than usual.

I firmly believe in the quality of our Castaway Beard Oils. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t put my name on it! In recognition to all of my readers out there, I am offering an additional percentage off your total sale for a limited time. Simply enter the promo code ETMBLOG10 upon checkout to receive an additional 10% on top of our introductory 20% off sale!  This offer for 30% off is good for only one use per customer.Castaway Beard Oils logo

Please feel free to comment if you have any questions or comments about our Castaway Beard Oils. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so try us now with our special discount code for blog readers. Visit today!

Happy Travels!


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