A Sedona Vortex Convinces a Skeptic

Sedona Vortex


Ever felt a vortex? Ever even heard of one?  What are they exactly and where are they found?

Sedona Vortex
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What is a vortex?   A vortex is an energy center, producing power that radiates throughout the region. The power that is said to be emanating from the vortices produces some of the most remarkable energy on the planet. Believers claim the earth’s energy swirls round and round like a tornado, drawing everything that surrounds it towards its center.  At these vortex sites, you can often see tree trunks twisted and mangled in areas with the strongest energy.  Some people claim that the energy makes their body tingle.  Others will feel teeth aching or get goosebumps.  Others feel nothing. Many feel a sense of peace, mental insight, or a flow of energy.  Everyone is said to be affected differently by these subtle energies.

Where are these vortices?   There are a handful on earth, but the strongest vortices are located in: Sedona, Arizona; Cairo, Egypt; and the Bermuda Triangle.

Sedona VortexI recently took my first trip to Sedona, Arizona this past March.  I had never heard of the vortices in Sedona until we got there.  I realized the town had lots of alternative medicine and spiritual centers just by driving through it.  Apparently there are five popular vortex locations in Sedona:  Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, Boynton Canyon, Airport Mesa, and the Chapel of the Holy Cross.

Okay, let me be the first to say that I’m not into the whole New Age movement. My bachelor’s degree is in nursing and I know a lot about medicine and the human body.  I love science and I love scientific proof.  Sure I do yoga, I try to meditate, and believe in the power of the mind, but I’m a pretty strong skeptic when it comes to alternative therapies. Show me some scientific proof that it works and then I’ll believe you.

Sedona Vortex
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My family and I decided to go to some of these vortices, mainly to see the sights and the red rocks in the area.  I figured the vortex theory was a hoax.

At Airport Mesa (photo at left), we found the twisted Juniper trees, meaning the vortex is nearby (although I believe more that the tree trunks are twisted due to wind).  I did feel a slight tingling in my mouth – my dental crown was achy.  Sure, I thought, I only feel something because I’m supposed to.  The ache wasn’t painful, just slight.  When we got back in the car, I noticed the pain in my crown was gone. I found it weird, but I just figured it was all in my head.Sedona Vortex

In the afternoon, we headed out to the vortex at Bell Rock (see photo at right). We did not hike up the rock; rather we just hiked the path up to the rock. We hung out, took a few photos and walked around.  On the hike back to the car, from Bell Rock, I had a crazy experience that could have been from the vortex. The experience lasted only ten seconds but it was like nothing I had ever felt.  My youngest daughter and I were talking and walking the path to the car when it happened – I suddenly was growing taller.  While I continued to walk, I kept looking at the ground getting further and further away from me. The feeling of being so large felt like an “out- of-body” experience – almost like I was hovering above myself.  My mind was in shock and I couldn’t understand how I was getting so tall! My eyes felt huge and I felt as light as a feather.  Waves of positivity flooded through me.  After eight to ten seconds, I slowly descended back into my normal size. I continued to walk during this experience as my daughter and I were having a conversation.  It was a super odd experience, something I wasn’t expecting to have.  I told my family right after it happened, not that any of them really understood or believed me. My dental cavities and crown also did bother me a bit while we were here.  I was very skeptical about all that hocus-pocus on vortices, but now I’m not so sure.

Sedona Vortex
My daughters at Bell Rock


It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the earth had pockets of powerful energy.  I don’t think they necessarily will cure or heal people from any illness, but just the experience of feeling that energy was pretty cool. I have never had an “out-of-body” experience before this and haven’t had one since this Sedona trip.  (Just to note, I was not dehydrated, had low blood sugar, nor was on any kind of pharmaceutical at that time.)  Looking back, I should have investigated further when I experienced this – tried to find more energy, try to find where it was the strongest, see if my family could feel it, etc.  Perhaps I’m just more sensitive to the energy that is there. Whatever the case may be, this experience convinced me that vortices are real.

Have you been to Sedona and visited a vortex? Did it affect you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


Happy Travels!


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  1. Kevin Thornton | 29th Apr 17

    I returned from a trip to Sedona about 10 days ago. We also visited Bell Rock and I’m also an open minded sceptic. Not in the greatest shape I was huffing and puffing the first 15 minutes as we walked toward Bell Rock, suddenly it was as if I was 20 years old again ( I’m 66). Once we got there I felt wonderfully centered and energized. Unfortunately we had a busy day of planned activities including a trip to the Grand Canyon and couldn’t stay long but I want to return and investigate further. We had earlier been to the site with the Church built into the hill ( name escapes me) and I didn’t feel anything special but enjoyed the site. I’d love to be there without the swarm of chattering tourists – nothing against chattering tourists of course. I once had the amazing opportunity to visit the Sistine Chapel with four close friends when it was closed to the public. I think there may have been 50 of us there. No vortex – but talk about amazing – but I digress.

    • Julie | 29th Apr 17

      Bell Rock was a crazy experience for me. I never would have thought anything like that was possible. And nothing quite like it has happened to me since. How amazing for you to feel 20 years old again! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and comments. (I will get to see the Sistine Chapel for the first time this summer!) Thanks for reading! 🙂

  2. Mark Field | 5th May 17

    The whole vortex thing is a SCAM!!!
    My mother’s parents moved to Phoenix in the 1930’s. My sisters and I were born in Phoenix in the 1950’s and our family lived in the area for many years. We camped and fished with my grandparents all over Arizona but our favorite places for this were Granite Dells, near Prescott, and Sedona. They were both beautiful locations. Granite Dells was fun with its natural rock water slides but the fishing was fantastic in the Sedona area so we went there much more often. We had may friends and relatives living nearby who would also go camping and fishing with us. On top of that, we would also see many of the same families vacationing in Sedona every Summer. What we NEVER heard anyone claim is that there were “Vortexes” or “Increased Magnetism there or that they felt “rejuvenated” when they visited Sedona. Sure we felt really good when we were there relaxing but no more so than when we camped at Granite Dells or Prescott or even around Flagstaff. Penn & Teller even did a Bullshit segment where that had a SCIENTIST measure and compare the magnetic levels of areas in and around Sedona. The “Vortex” areas actually measured slightly LOWER magnetic readings than the non-vortex areas but all were around the average of what you would get from just about ANYWHERE ON EARTH!!!

    • Julie | 5th May 17

      Thank you for sharing your comments. You seem to know a lot about the area and the vortices. I too, was completely a skeptic before my visit to Sedona and still would appreciate some scientific fact to back up the area’s claims. However, I cannot explain what happened to me while I was at Bell Rock. I had never, in my life, experienced anything such as that before. Since I was in an area with a vortex, that’s the only thing I could attribute it to. In any case, I appreciate your thoughts and for taking the time to share your views. 🙂

  3. Richard Pew | 20th Jul 17

    Sure, I try to meditate and believe in the power of the mind, but I am totally a skeptic!

    • Julie | 20th Jul 17

      I was extremely skeptical too, until I experienced it myself. 🙂

  4. Michele | 22nd Apr 18

    Thank you for this post…I just returned from Sedona yesterday. I had not read anything about the possible effects of a vortex. I live in Florida and am 57. I visited a few sites including Bell Rock where I layed down on my back and enjoyed the warm sun. I must say I had a great sensation of my entire body pulsating. I hiked many miles daily and simply could not get enough hiking in. I noticed also my muscles never ached. My teeth were buzzing and pulsating in the most amazing way. I did not have any pain in them but wondered why my teeth were doing this. I had no idea others had teeth sensations until I read your post. When I arrived home to Florida late last night my mind was still whirling. I could see an array of colors and patterns when trying to fall asleep. For me Sedona is a magical place and I can not wait to visit there again. I will replay these feelings as often as possible in my mind.

    • Julie | 22nd Apr 18

      I completely agree. I haven’t been back there but I hope to return soon. I would have never believed in the effects of a vortex if I hadn’t experienced it for myself! Thanks for sharing your experience with us 🙂

  5. Patricia | 20th Aug 19

    I too, experienced something very usual.
    We were hiking on one of the trails & I became overheated & exhausted, I truly wondered if I would need to be airlifted out! We continued down the path a bit farther, beginning to go around the mountain. I was immediately aware of feeling energized! There was a distinct change or shift in my stamina as it surprised me. There is more to this Universe than what we can begin to comprehend!!!

    • Julie | 20th Aug 19

      I know! I was a complete skeptic on the vortex ‘theories’, but I definitely felt something completely unusual and something I’ve never felt since. I look forward to the day I can go back to Sedona to see if it happens again! Thanks for reading ! 🙂

  6. Steve Hanns | 10th Jun 20

    I’m a dentist so I know about crowns. That said, I was hiking Cathedral Rock with my 85 yo Mother. It was February and snowflakes were fallen lightly. A slight wind made it colder than it should have been. We walked through the karn area to where the river carves out a space beneath the rock face. I pulled out my Indian flute and began playing a Lakota love song. Quite peaceful, the mix of snow and song. Within a minute though, a hole appeared above us, and the sun shone through, and we were basking in the warmth of sunlight, even as the snow continued to fall around us. When I quit playing a few minutes later, the clouds immediately rushed in and we were being snowed on again. We both looked at each other, then giggled like kids. “Did that really just happen?” my mother said. Super cool stuff.

    • Julie | 11th Jun 20

      Great story! Thanks for sharing your experience. 🙂

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