4 Essential Traveler- Approved Airbnb Tips

airbnb tips

Airbnb has changed the face of travel lodging.

Not only is Airbnb affordable, it frequently offers unique experiences to travelers, unlike traditional lodging. However, finding and booking a great Airbnb rental requires some work. You’ll need to do a sizeable amount of research first and take a few precautionary steps before making your reservation.

Listed below are some of the best traveler-approved Airbnb tips to help guarantee an amazing travel experience.


1. Don’t Go Too Cheap

Airbnb rentals are already rather cheap. You can usually book an accommodating suite or apartment for half the cost of a hotel room. Airbnb is a super option for families, large groups, and longer stays, not to mention the significant savings. However, it’s not recommended to try to save even more money, unless you want more hassles and an increased potential for problems.

Super-cheap Airbnb rentals naturally come with their fair share of downsides, some of which stay hidden or unknown to you until you arrive. For instance, the location of the rental may be too far away from public transit, so you end up spending a lot more on Uber rides and taxis. So despite booking the insanely cheap room, you’ve now tacked on additional costs for transportation. 

One of the Airbnb tips I give a lot is, if the price is too good to be true, it likely is. Choose rentals with plenty of clear and well-lit photos and stay away from listings with minimal inside photos and incomplete listing information.

It is also a great idea to pick a Superhost, especially if it is your first experience with Airbnb. Superhosts are a bit more expensive but they have been in the business longer and usually offer top quality service. You are also less likely to run the risk of a last minute cancellation or getting a rental with outdated photos and information.


airbnb tips

2. Steer Clear of Listings with Less than 50 Reviews 

Many seasoned travelers recommend picking listings that have at least 100 reviews, since it’s possible for Airbnb hosts to pay for positive reviews or ask family members and friends to boost their ratings. Sure, a new host or property with 10 reviews may be able to offer you an unforgettable experience, but why take your chances? 

If you want a seamless experience, especially when traveling to a foreign country, always use caution and select lodging with many reviews. Furthermore, make sure that you have read every single guest review, and if your potential host has used Airbnb as a guest, carefully read the reviews other people have written about them as well. If your potential host is a terrible guest, it speaks volumes about their character. Are they going to be able to help you if a problem arises during your stay? 

Don’t skip this step. Make sure that you know your potential host well, ask questions, be direct, and choose from well-reviewed listings. 


airbnb tips, contact host

3. Contact the Host 

One of my favorite Airbnb tips is to establish rapport with your host before you rent. In fact, never book an Airbnb without contacting the host first. Many travelers have learned the hard away about this essential step. If you don’t contact your host, you risk finding out that the listing is no longer available and that the property owner simply forgot to take it down from the website. (This has happened to me before – fortunately prior to booking!)

Also, by contacting your host you can negotiate the price of your stay, especially if you plan to book the place for several days or weeks. You could also ask for updated photos of the rental to ensure that what you see is what you get. The host can also fill you in on any other details, like house rules, self-check in, or cancellation policies as well. 

Contacting the host provides you with an opportunity to establish a relationship with someone who has the ability to make or break your trip. Note if they respond in a timely manner, if and how they answer your questions, and if they seem dedicated to giving you the best possible stay. Some hosts are very hands-on and will greet you upon arrival; others you will never see in person. Finding a host that matches your needs and one in which you can have a good relationship, is key.



4. Always Have a Backup Plan

When it comes to travel, anything can happen. With Airbnb rentals, you have to mentally prepare yourself in case there are any surprises. Interestingly, the most common cancellation policy at Airbnb allows renters to cancel a booking for a full refund only 48 hours after the reservation is made. However, the platform allows hosts to cancel whenever, without penalty. That means that you could end up tired and hungry after a long trip, wandering aimlessly in a foreign city with little to no knowledge of the local language, in search of affordable accommodation.

The last of these Airbnb tips suggest you have a backup plan –take extra cash with you and pack your credit cards (especially when traveling internationally). Most hotels will cost at least twice as much as your Airbnb, for a much smaller space. Also, do your research on other available accommodations at your destination BEFORE setting out on your trip. It’s also not a bad idea to bring along a physical map of the area, just in case data services are weak or unavailable.

Another reason to have a plan B is if you get injured at your Airbnb rental. Liability for personal injury accidents is very complex, as there are three parties involved: you, the host, and Airbnb. You could file a personal injury claim with Airbnb and/or your host’s homeowners’ insurance company for compensation. However, if they refuse to reach a fair settlement with you, know that when the actions (or inactions) of another party have caused you harm, personal injury law professionals can provide legal support.

You could also add an extra layer of protection and buy travel insurance that covers Airbnb, including unforeseen cancellations. Never leave home without a plan B!

airbnb tips

Booking a place on Airbnb can be a little bit like a blind date. You never know what to expect. Even I get a little nervous every time I check into an Airbnb. Will it look like the photos? Will it be smaller in person? Will it be clean? Will this be a good host or a bad one? You could have either the time of your life or a nightmare story to tell. Fortunately, if you follow my Airbnb tips and do your research ahead of time, contact your host, learn how to navigate listings, don’t book too cheap, and have a backup plan, the chances of a bad experience are next to none.  

How have your experiences been with Airbnb? Let me know in the comments.

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Happy Travels!



airbnb tips

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